Public Relations & Communications


Public Relations. Marketing Communications. Media Spokesperson Training.Consulting.

Public & Media Relations

We have the know-how and proven results when it comes to contacting the media with appealing stories. And if things take a turn in your business, we’re ready to step up to provide communication direction in crisis situations.  

Marketing Communications

When marketing to your audience, it isn’t just to current customers, it’s also to  potential customers. And  the biggest audience and potential cheerleaders? It’s a company’s or organization’s employees,  volunteers, past recipients of service, etc. From advertising copy, newsletters, product descriptions, video scripts, internal communications and more, we can create for you consistent messaging or consult on ways to enhance your current marketing communications. 

Media Spokesperson & Presentation Training

We course correct the “winging it” way many people choose when talking with members of the media. Our experts train in everything from what to wear, how to sit and where to look, to knowing your key talking points, learning how to make your point and not be boring when doing so, and how to answer even the the most out of left-field questions. 

And when it comes to making a presentation, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get training before once you’ve learned how a it can hold an audience’s attention.

Why Us?

Experience counts, and the In the Center Ring Communications brings with it decades of successes. Working with consumer, business-to-business clients and non-profits, we’ve pitched, placed and coordinated  feature stories, product placements and strategic mentions in local and regional TV, radio, newspapers & magazines, national media outlets, and online media as well as directed and executed outreach to social media influencers. 

We’ve media trained company executives, physicians and volunteers for newspaper interviews, radio, podcasts, satellite media tours and national television, including people who’ve appeared on The Ellen Show and CBS’s 60 Minutes. 

There’s also the written word when clients need an important company-wide email crafted, a monthly newsletter, internal feature stories, video scripts, advertorials and so on. We’ve done it all for those we work with.  

We’ve also imagined, developed and project managed numerous successful media events that have brought local, national and international attention.  We’re creative, we’re dedicated, we’re experienced and most of all we become part of your team working with you as though we’re just down the hall. 



Kenosha, Wisconsin