Should You Be Marketing?

Marketing was, is, and will always be.

If you’re already in business then it’s likely you’re engaged in some sort of marketing for your company. If not you should be.

If you’re an individual with a service, talent, or skill you want to make money with, then you are also probably doing marketing, too. If not you really should be.

Even if you are just being you, believe it or not you’re probably marketing yourself as well. If not, then guess what? Yes, you need to market as well.



Because marketing is the method in which people learn about what you have to offer them. That surely seems simplistic to those in business, especially to people working in marketing departments, but sometimes we need to go back to the basics. If those we want to be our customers don’t know about us, or, if they aren’t clear on what we have to offer them, it’s probably time to redefine your marketing plan.


Teach people what you have to offer them.

The same is true of individuals, whether you want a higher profile in your job, an organization you’re involved with, or among your friends. If you talk to people, then you’re marketing. What do you want to say to people to express who you are to them? Think about this the next time you’re at a party, on a date, or having coffee with your neighbor.

We’re not saying as an individual you have to constantly be marketing yourself; we are saying, though, consider marketing yourself at some point. For instance, if you’re feeling stuck in a job rut, then what can do you do to make yourself appear (and feel) fully engaged to those in charge? You could provide ideas for adding a useful tool to a project; bring a new business idea to the table; or, talk with management in other departments to learn of things being done in their sections – this may lead to information you can adopt to enhance your projects.


You Can Review, Too

When a company has  a marketing plan already enacted, a company could survey customers on how they learned about the company and places they now the company’s message. If the results show you something you like, great! If they don’t, then it’s an opportunity to make changes.

Whether it’s attendance at trade shows, networking events, social media, traditional media, marketing materials, or videos, is your marketing correctly targeted and up-to-date?